east view of addition and existing house. Photographer: Trevor Tondrosouth view of addition. Photographer: Trevor Tondroeast view of addition. Photographer: Trevor Tondronorth view of addition. Photographer: Trevor Tondroview into entry hallview from existing living roommaterial connectionsmaster bedroommaster bedroom

The Lattimore House 2005
Dingman's Ferry, Pennsylvania
Completed 2005

The existing house, built 15 years prior to the addition was not particularly well-suited to the site. While providing the basic requirements of a weekend house and situated to take advantage of a view to the existing brook, little else about the house related to the site. Additionally, it was nearly impossible to arrive at the house and know where to enter it. Finally, the existing driveway ran between the house and the septic system, essentially turning the front yard into the guest parking area. The most dramatic effect of the addition is to provide a connection between outside and inside, and front and back. The entry hall is this link; its large red front door and brook-side rear window create a stitch of space, also connecting the private spaces of the Master Bedroom to the public spaces of the Living Room and Dining Area.

Windows are used to define the difference between view and light; we avoided the neutral light-box approach to glazing so prevalent in current design in favor of a tempered approach to focusing light and views, using light as emphasis rather than background. The play of solids and transparencies, and the manipulation of the surface, became the focus.

Inside/outside continuity is expressed through transitions. The entry pergola extends the scale of the entry hall, and the stone flooring appears to emerge from the front yard. The house appears grounded from the front, and hovers above the ground from the brook, reinforced by the floating deck.

The exterior materials are used to define volumes and distinguish between ground, body and sky, concrete, wood and metal.