Parsons Feasibility

Parsons Feasibility
New York, NY
Summer 2006

The department of Architecture, Interior Design, and Lighting is merging with the department of Product Design to form the College of Constructed Environments (colloquially know as PLAID).

This feasibility study was conducted to determine how the combined resources of these programs could be accommodated within building at 25 East 13th Street. Specifically, we prepared designs for the 4th Floor.
Programs to be incorporated into this floor include:

-Classrooms, including a virtual environment black box
-Exhibition space
-Materials Library
-Wood Shop
-Metal Shop
-Staging areas for Design Workshops: Architecture and Interior Design programs for students to participate in Design/Build projects originating within the department. The design proposal incorporates flexible spaces within the shop spaces and integrates a floor-wide accessible gantry crane for moving heavy objects.