Maria Mok Salon

view into salon. photo: Michael M. Hayesview of curved wall at front of salon. photo: Michael M. Hayesview from back of salon. photo: Michael M. Hayesview of existing new wall. photo: Michael M. Hayesview into restroom. photo: Michael M. Hayesreflection of mural. photo: Michael M. Hayes

Maria Mok Salon
411 East 9th Street
New York, NY
Open 2008

Our client has been a stylist and colorist for some time now, but this is her first venture into running her own salon. In discussing that design concept, Maria made the point that she was interested in a space that would be beautiful and simple, but a space that would "fit in" in a neighborhood that has a unique character.

Provided with a long narrow space, typical of many East Village storefronts, we decided to emphasize these proportions. A curved wall defines the main salon space, with the mirrors and a subtle indirect light built into it.

Although essentially one space, the salon is designed to feel more private and intimate as you move from front to back; the façade is bright and open to the street, leading back to the wash area that's in a partly obscured niche in the space.

The colors mimic this transition; the bright white reception area merges, through a silhouette mural in the main salon area with the darker, richer colors in the back

The Reception Area feels like an extension of the street, and is so inviting to locals that it's typical to see a group of friends hanging out and chatting, not quite sure if they're waiting to get styled or decide where to go out that night.